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USJ Strength And Conditioning


Strength & conditioning coach Michael Jones heads Blue Jay S & C, located in the USJ Fitness Center, inside the O'Connell Athletic Center. 

Player health and safety is of utmost importance, but so is a competitive atmosphere! At USJ, student-athletes will be challenged both mentally and physically to exceed on and off the field, taking part in a variety of training programs that will keep student-athletes engaged. 

Our goal at USJ is to minimize injury, enhance performance, and support our student-athletes and coaches in the pursuit of championships. We do this by educating student-athletes on the importance of sports performance and a strong work ethic, which can be carried with them for a lifetime.


  • Scientifically based program in a safe, Competitive and disciplined environment

  • Team approach with Open line of communication between coaches, sports medicine/nutrition staff, and the student-athlete

  • Regular performance testing to obtain clearly set goals, such as strength, power, speed, mobility, balance, flexibility and endurance

  • Individualized program based on Each student-athlete's strengths, weaknesses and schedule