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Athletic Training

The Athletic Training Staff at the University of Saint Joseph is dedicated to the prevention, care, rehabilitation, and treatment of injuries sustained to the intercollegiate student-athlete while participating in a University of Saint Joseph varsity sport.

For Visiting Teams
Visiting teams and their athletic trainers are asked to read the following letter in advance of arriving on campus at USJ.
Visiting teams click here.

All students must submit the following forms annually prior to participation in intercollegiate athletics:

USJ Athletic Training Page

Athletic Training Room Hours
Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. to noon; 1-6 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday based on practice and game schedule
For injury rehabilitation, please make an appointment.

Rules and Regulations

  • NO FOOD OR DRINK in the Athletic Training Room.
  • The athletic training room is first and foremost a healthcare facility and should be treated in such a manner. Only USJ student-athletes and staff are permitted in the athletic training room, and only when an athletic trainer is present.
  • The athletic training room will open approximately one (1) hour prior to your scheduled practice.  The athletic training faculty/staff will make every effort to treat student-athletes on a first come first serve basis. At times, in-season sports may have priority.  Please plan accordingly.
  •  Student-athletes are expected to report to treatments on time.  Failure to comply with this can result in the athletic trainer refusing treatment.
  •  Student-athletes must come dressed appropriately for their treatment or rehabilitation. 

    • The athletic training room is not a place to dress and undress. 

    • Please leave your shoes, bags, other clothing, etc. outside of the athletic training room in the spaces provided. DO NOT leave stuff on the floor or in front of the doorway.

  • Any student-athlete with a new injury or illness must notify the athletic training staff immediately so that coaching staffs can be updated on the student athlete’s status. Staff athletic trainers will determine a specific report time based on daily practice times. 
  • Student-athletes are not permitted to treat themselves or dictate their own treatment. All treatments are at the discretion of a staff athletic trainer.
  • All return to play decisions will be made by a staff athletic trainer and/or the USJ affiliated physicians. Outside clearance from a physician or other medical provider will not be accepted.
  • After receiving treatment, athletes are responsible for wiping down their table with the materials provided by the athletic training staff. 
  • DO NOT open or enter the athletic training room out of hours or without a member of the USJ athletic training staff present. In case of emergency, call 9-1-1 and use the first aid kit located in the lobby. 
  • DO NOT remove equipment or supplies from the athletic training room without the permission of a staff athletic trainer.
  • DO NOT use the athletic training room equipment or supplies without permission.
  • Student-athletes using the athletic training room should refrain from loud and obnoxious behavior. Foul and/or offensive language is not permitted.
  • DO NOT hang out in the athletic training room. Athletes should only be in the facilities when they are in the process of acquiring athletic training services. All others will be asked to wait outside.
  • The use of cell phones, tablets, and computers is prohibited. Any athlete caught with a device out and in use will be asked to put the device away or leave the athletic training room. 
  • Athletes should return all equipment and supplies (wraps, crutches, etc.) as soon as they no longer need to use them. Athletes may be charged for equipment and supplies that have not been returned.
  • Athletes will treat all athletic trainers with the utmost respect. This respect will then be returned in-kind to student-athletes.
  • If a student-athlete is not adhering to the rules and policies of the athletic training room, he or she can lose privileges to the facility. Coaches will be notified of any student-athlete who is not compliant.

Dr. Carl Nissen, M.D.
Team Physician
Elite Sports Medicine
399 Farmington Ave
Farmington, CT

Nearest Hospital:
St. Francis Hospital
114 Woodland St
Hartford, CT